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Bay Wharf Capital is an early-stage generalist firm with an objective of backing and helping early stage startups. Our goal is to help founders make great products and companies.

Financing stages

There are typically six stages of venture round financing offered in Venture Capital, that roughly corresponds to stages of a company's development.


Because of the strict requirements venture capitalists have for potential investments, many entrepreneurs seek seed funding from angel investors, who may be more willing to invest in highly speculative opportunities, or may have a prior relationship with the entrepreneur.

Societal impact

Every year, there are nearly 2 million businesses created in the US, and 600–800 get venture capital funding.

Due diligence

The investors examine the financial statements and books and records of the company, and all aspects of its operations.

Financial statements

Financial statements (or financial reports) are formal records of the financial activities and position of a business.

Confidential information

Unlike public companies, information regarding an entrepreneur's business is typically confidential and proprietary.

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